And they lived happily ever after…


dsc_0077So finally, we have ended up in this house; our house, after
months of struggle (read: running for loans, pooling in resources, fighting over design details, finalizing agencies and meeting deadlines); and spending whole days standing on site, while A played around with the wooden pieces (of course, this playing around produced the furniture we love). It took a toll on our lives as well; we slacked at work, slept late and got up later, stressed over finances and project completion; in fact, we had to shift into the still incomplete flat as the lease for our rented place was over. But finally we are here, and we have the house to ourselves; putting in the final touches and loving the feel of it. It feels lived in and it feels like we belong here.

Truth be told, we never really planned to buy a house so early in life, it just happened to us. But that didn’t stop A from putting in all we had and much more. Being architects, just moving in was not an option; we had to make it ours. dsc_0023An elaborate dream list was drafted and we set to work. Like all Indian households, we needed lots of storage (and no, the top of the cupboard does not count!!) and the kitchen needed to be spacious and be equipped to cook up a storm whenever occasion required. We wanted conversation to flourish in the common area, hence relocated the television to the small bedroom, and converted it into a lounge. Since the master bedroom has an attached toilet, it has become the walk-in wardrobe for the entire household, with all the cupboards, and the other bedroom is the designated designer’s abode, where we happily spend entire weekends lazing around and reading books!

But what is interesting is that we have a story about every space and every element of the house. We have a habit of holding on to old things, and love the memories they store. Our training helps us to refurbish, redefine, and finally upscale them, and we have used this skill extensively to hold on to family relics which are hidden treasure box of stories. This is a story of all the little stories that we have weaved into our everyday life. So happy reading!!